Clean-Up Commitment

Because our momma taught us right!

We go to great lengths to ensure we not only protect your home but that we also protect your surroundings!

Before we even begin thinking about working on your roof, our mindful team will spend the necessary time to protect your shrubs, flowers, pool, and any other structure that helps make up the beauty of your home. As we make it around the perimeter of your home, protective drapes will be carefully applied so that nothing underneath gets disturbed. We know you work hard to make your yard beautiful and we want to leave it that way!

Finally, before we leave, we will carefully remove all protective drapes and thoroughly canvas your perimeter for any scrap material that may still be present. As final insurance, we will meticulously walk a magnetic roller across your perimeter and drive areas to catch any loose nails. Even though this takes time, it’s well worth it, plus it provides you satisfaction and peace-of-mind knowing that your home is safe!

For more information regarding our Clean-Up Commitment, take a moment to review some pictures, videos, and read some testimonials from other satisfied customers.