Just as several factors go into the decision-making process for selecting your roofing company (reputation, quality of work, Better Business Bureau standing, testimonials, etc.), several factors shape the cost associated with roof construction.

Roof Size

Roofing companies take an accurate square-foot measurement of the roof being inspected. Once this measurement has been taken, this number is then divided by 100 to provide what’s called a roofing square. This is done so that roofing and insurance companies can better assess the cost of materials since most shingles are sold by the roofing square.

Roof Pitch or Slope

If you have a steep roof, and you’ve been on it to hang lights for the holidays, you know how scary it can be. Though roofing contractors are experts at traversing all kinds of roof types, they don’t leave things to chance. All in all, if you have a very steep roof, there will likely be more staging and safety equipment needed to keep everyone safe. Depending on the type of shingle being applied (asphalt, tile, cedar, etc.), the pitch of the roof determines what kind of underlay material is applied.

Shingle Type

Though this sounds obvious for the new shingle that’s to be applied, many don’t realize it also goes for the type of shingle that’s being removed. Generally, costs associated with removing an existing roof called a “tear-off,” are determined by how much time it’s going to take to remove the existing roof. A portion of the cost has to factor disposal charges that may be necessary.

As for the new shingles that are to be applied, costs can differ based upon if you want asphalt, cedar, tile, metal, or some other roof type. A good roofing company will help explain the benefits of each option and help guide you so that your insurance company will cover the full replacement cost-value of your roof.

If you have more questions regarding how costs are calculated or any other questions regarding your roof, we encourage you to give us a call. We’re here to help and have been proudly serving North and West Texas since 2011!

Need Financing?

If for some reason, your roof is not entirely covered by insurance, our partners at GreenSky can help you with affordable financing for your roof or deductible cost.