Five Signs You Need a New Roof

Your home is only as strong as the roof above it. But, we often take it for granted and ignore signs that the roof above our heads is getting weak. There could be many reasons for this such as climate factors, weak shingles or just, mere lifespan.

We’ve listed a few major signs that might mean you need a new roof:

Why Texans Need To Worry About Roof Replacements

If you recall placing buckets around your home when the thunder hits, you probably live in Texas. Thunderstorms are very common in the Lone Star State; unfortunately, such weather conditions can cause leaks, which is a sign that your roof has already started showing early signs of weakness.

Ignoring small leaks can be disastrous over a period of time because they turn into major leaks which can cause severe damage to the entire house.

The entire construction of any building is integrally connected to the roof, which is why if your roof leaks, it’s best you save up for a new roof replacement.

Roof Shingles Issues

What are shingles?

Shingles are important roof coverings which can be damaged due to various factors such as continually changing weather conditions and constant exposure to the sun. The shingles, due to the exposure, can grow weak over time and deteriorate. This deterioration can be of two types, but regardless; require immediate attention.

  • Cracked Shingles:

If you notice that the shingles are missing or cracks are developing randomly across the roof and not confined to one or two places, its time to invest in a new roof project before things escalate further!

  •  Curling Shingles:

In many houses that required a roof replacement, common causes were curled shingles. Curling can be of two types; cupping and clawing.

If the edges of the shingles are starting to curl upward; it means that the shingles are cupping. Likewise, if the edges stay flat and the middle starts to pop up; the shingles are clawing. No matter how your shingles curl, it is a clear sign that your roof is nearing its demise and you cannot ignore it any longer.

When do you start thinking of a new roof?

The more appropriate question is, how old is your roof? If your roof has surpassed more than twenty years on your head, it’s time for inspection. Although, due to certain factors, a comparatively young roof can also show significant signs of weakness. Let us elaborate below:

  • Two Decade Old Roof

The general belief is that a roof can maintain its sturdiness for about 20 to 25 years, although some factors such as the roofing material, climate and the location you live in can affect the lifespan. No matter what though, if your roof is over two decades old, your roof is not as resilient,it was when you first got it over your head. Age is an essential factor to consider when thinking of roof replacement.

  • Premature Aging

There are various signs that point to a weak roof, and to keep the damage minimal you must routinely inspect it; favorably before twenty years of its construction.

We say this because many times the roofs start to weaken before their predicted lifespan and cause multiple issues all over. A few major signs of this happening are old and faded shingles that are brittle to the touch or are missing protective granules.

Premature aging can also be due to the quality of the roof. The general belief is that the cheaper the roof material, the faster it weakens. 

The Cost of Roof Replacement in Texas

We won’t lie to you, investing in a new roof can have anotable effect on your bank account, but it is a necessary expense. A bad roof is a liability to not only your home quality but day to day life; creaking, leaks and cracks can be very detrimental to the entire house structure.

The average cost of a new roof in Texas varies from one house to another, but generally costs three to five dollars per square unit. It is a one-time investment for a long time if you do it right.

Signs of roof damage are many, but the most damning sign is the owner’s negligence. Ignoring these signs can cause irreversible damage to your home and your wallet, if not taken care of earlier. If you require further assistance, consider contacting a well-experienced roofing contractor, such as Pro Claims Roofing! With years of experience in emergency repair and thorough roof inspections, they are your best bet, especially when the hail hits!

Let the professionals take care of your roof!

Signs for a New Roof

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