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Metal Roof Repair & Installation Services

Enjoy the benefits of a durable metal roof when you opt for professional care from PROCLAIM ROOFING – Roofing Contractors with Locations in Plano, Lubbock, and Odessa.

Owning a home in Texas means having a quality roof that not only adds to the curb appeal of your property but also can keep up with the heat. One option many of our customers opt for is a metal roof. They offer a durable and long-lasting solution, plus they’re customizable to fit any building style or home type. Want a sloped roof? Looking for a modern design? Need something that can keep up in extreme weather? A metal roof installation can hit all the marks and then some. At PROCLAIM ROOFING, we are your reliable and experienced metal roofing pros. From complete installation projects to roof repair services, you can count on our contractors for help.

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Why Choose a Metal Roof for Your Home?

Replacing your roof can be a significant expense that many homeowners may find overwhelming. Luckily, if you find the right roofing contractors, like PROCLAIM ROOFING, the entire process can be more straightforward. Using our metal roof installation services, you can enjoy plenty of benefits from your new roof, including:

  • Life Expectancy: Unlike tile and asphalt shingles that can deteriorate over time, metal roofs are known for their longevity. Any new installation can last 30 years or more, depending on the quality of the materials and care.
  • Easy Installation: Metal roof installation allows for a lot of versatility. Additionally, it can easily be fastened onto your new frame. This helps us cut down on the installation time, thus getting your home protected in no time!
  • Heat Control: When the sun is shining, your metal roof can help reflect heat out of and away from your home. This will keep indoor temperatures comfortable and cut on your costs. Also, many roof installations add space between the metal and deck to improve energy consumption and insulation.
  • Weather Protection: Texas is no stranger to rain, and the occasional snow, making metal a reflective and helpful partner in weather control. Instead of the elements trapping on top of your roof, they’ll easily slide off and protect your home.

At PROCLAIM ROOFING, we can help you make the most of your roof replacement project with a smartly designed metal roof. With tons of versatility and the best-in-class materials, we add a valuable asset to your home.

When a Metal Roof Repair Is Needed

While metal roofs are known for their durability and longevity, the need for repair may arise from time to time. Whether some heavy storm conditions have damaged your roof or you’re noticing leaks inside your home, a detailed repair is needed. At PROCLAIM ROOFING, we start every roof repair project with a detailed and thorough inspection. This allows our expert staff to pinpoint and resolve your issues at the source.

Depending on the severity of the issue, we’ll be able to seal up your roof or replace any damaged sections quickly, limiting any downtime in your home. We also tarp and protect your home and the surrounding areas. This helps reduce the risk of any debris being left at your home.

Whether it’s a tear, puncture, water leak, or simply an old metal roof panel in need of a replacement, we’re here to help.  

Working with Our Experts

Finding a reliable roofing contractor should always be the first step you take on any new project for your home. At PROCLAIM ROOFING, we are your metal roofing experts. As a family-owned and operated business, working in and around Plano, Lubbock and, Odessa for years, you can trust in our quality of work and long-lasting solutions. Not only do we use the best materials on the market, but we have million-dollar credit lines with suppliers, meaning we can get every single thing you need for a job well done.

So the next time you’re planning to upgrade your home with a new metal roof, or you need repairs at your commercial property, choose the best in the business.

Is your metal roof damaged or leaking after a storm? Call PROCLAIM ROOFING at (972) 984-7663. We are your reliable roofing contractors with three locations serving Texas.