Return The Favor Keep a Roof Over Mom’s Head!

Mother’s Day is right around the corner, so it’s time to give mom a special thanks for all the love she has given us. Though every mother’s circumstances are different, something we can all be grateful for is the roof that was kept over our heads!

Each mother has struggled at one point or another to keep a solid roof over our heads. Now that Mother’s Day is in view, it may be time to make sure that roof is still solid! Over time, a roof’s integrity can weaken causing all kinds of issues that can affect your health, wallet, and home.

The good news is there are many signs you can look for right now to see if there is a need for a repair or overhaul! A few things to keep your eye out for are:

  • Missing shingles
  • Bald Spots on roof
  • Curled shingle edges
  • Leaks
  • Or if your roof is 20+ years old

There are many things that contribute to the wear and tear of your roof. Weather, fallen trees & debris, and faulty drainage systems can all leave their mark on a roof. Being aware of these issues can help you spot these problems before they become an emergency.

Deciding on Roofing Materials

If you have found that your mother’s roof needs some TLC, there are many things that need to be decided; but not to worry- we have the basics for you! The choice of roofing materials that are right for your mother’s house is the best place to start.

There are several different types of roofing materials available from shingles to tiles. There is also slate, stone, coated steel, TPO, and modified bitumen. With many years of experience behind us, we have found that the advice from a professional can go a long way to making the right decision.

At Pro Claim Roofing, we only use the best roofing materials available, so you can rest assured that you are making the best choice for your mother and family. We only work with reputable suppliers including Owens Corning, TAMKO, and Mueller Inc, so you know the job is being done right the first time!

Time To Upgrade Your Childhood Roof

Though it may not have been the most obvious choice of gift, providing your mother with an upgraded roof is the best gift you could give her this Mother’s Day! Having a new roof in place will give you the peace of mind knowing your mother is protected from the elements, and her energy costs will be low.

You will also rest easy knowing her property value will increase, her home will have better curb appeal, and she will be safe and secure! We also believe each job is not complete without a quality assurance check!

Now is the time to make the call and protect mom from future headaches. Call us today at (972) 984-7663. Pro Claim Roofing is licensed and fully insured. Our courteous technicians are ready to answer all of your questions.

From all of us at ProClaim Roofing, we wish every mother a wonderful Mother’s Day!

Why Us

We understand you have choices and having any company spend time on your property can be
less than ideal. At PROCLAIM ROOFING, we respect your property, your time, and we make sure every job is done right – the first time. When you couple this with our clean-up commitment, upgrades competitors don’t offer, and a 10 Million dollar insurance policy where most of our competitors have none, you can see how the choice becomes clear.


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