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Stone-Coated Steel Roof Repair & Installation Services

For all your stone-coated steel roofing needs, including repairs and installations, choose PROCLAIM ROOFING – your experienced roof pros proudly located in Plano, Lubbock and Odessa, TX!

Stone-coated steel roofing systems offer the classic beauty of slate tiles, but without the premium cost. A stone-coated steel roof is environmentally friendly, easy to install, and lighter than other systems, such as slate tiles. At PROCLAIM ROOFING, we offer a full range of stone-coated steel roof services, including repairs, installations, and general inspections. As a family-owned and operated business, we take the time to work with your family, providing you with a quality service you can count on.

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The Benefits of Stone Coated Steel Roofs

While there are plenty of different roof materials on the market, one of the most used in the Plano, Lubbock, and Odessa areas is an asphalt shingle roof. Not only do they give your home a clean look, but also they provide various benefits, including:

  • Longevity and Durability: With proper installation, metal roofs have lifespans ranging from 40–70 years. Steel can withstand gusting winds, heavy rain or hail, and many other adverse weather conditions. Although many assume it is a dense material, metal roofing is very lightweight.
  • Low Maintenance: Most roofing materials should be regularly inspected to keep them in good working condition. However, steel roofs are virtually maintenance-free. They create a thick shield around your home, keeping it safer from poor weather conditions and eliminating most of the repair costs associated with traditional roofing.
  • Beauty and Versatility: Stone-coated steel roofing comes in a wide variety of colors, textures, and designs to complement almost any style of home. Advanced technology makes it possible to imitate the premium look of clay, slate or architectural shingle. Making it nearly impossible to discern that the stone-coated tile is made of metal.
  • Energy Efficiency:  A common misconception with installing a metal roof is that it will get too hot in the summer and conduct heat into the home. Metal roofing reflects heat from the sun, rather than absorbing it as a dark asphalt material would. This cuts down on the energy cost to keep your home cool, and it also protects your home from ultraviolet rays.

Every home is different, and at PROCLAIM ROOFING, we take the time to understand your needs and budget. To us, integrity is everything, and we focus on providing you the best workmanship possible.

How to Tell a Roof Repair Is Needed

Steel roofs are typically maintenance-free, but that doesn’t mean they’re indestructible. It’s always a good idea to visually inspect your roof periodically for signs of damage or wear, particularly after severe weather. Check for evidence of leaks inside the home, especially around light fixtures. Outside, keep an eye out for tears, gouges, or punctures in the roof itself, as well as rust or discoloration, lifted fasteners or damaged flashing.

If you spot any of these issues contact us immediately so what we can address the issue. Caught early, this kind of damage can be quickly repaired and prevent further damage to your home’s structure or interior.

Your Stone Coated Steel Roofing Installation Experts

Our goal is always to find the best solution for your roofing needs. While a repair can get your home back to pristine condition, we’ll also advise you when a replacement is needed. We take the time to protect your home while we’re working, and we always make sure to clean up after ourselves.

At PROCLAIM ROOFING, we treat your home as our own. Seeking your satisfaction with our services is our goal. No job is too big or too small for our expert staff.

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