FREE Upgrades

We believe every customer deserves to have the best products on their roof and we are committed to providing upgrades free of charge to help ensure you’re well covered.

EVERY customer receives synthetic felt underlayment vs. 15# builder grade felt paper – similar to cardboard paper. ICE AND WATER shield in all Valleys is another upgrade we provide. This upgrade is a true secondary Water Barrier, and although it’s expensive, we believe it’s a must for protecting your home. We use this in the valleys and around penetration points in the roof to prevent any water leaks because this is where you will get your leaks from people stepping on the valleys, etc. With this product underneath, your shingle could have a hole in it, and your roof still won’t leak! Also, we always replace every PIPE BOOT on every house.

Our Warranty

Beyond the standard manufacturers’ warranties on all of the roof types we offer, Proclaim roofing offers our own warranty so you know we stand behind our work!

The Proclaim roofing Warranty:
The Company shall provide a limited non-transferable two (2) years warranty to repair for any roof defects or siding defects caused by the poor workmanship of the Company, and a one (1) year limited warranty for defects in gutter installation. The value of any repairs made under warranty shall be limited to the cost of labor and materials required to replace that portion of the work deemed defective. The Company may make extended warranties available for an extra charge. Materials are subject to warranties provided by their manufacturers and suppliers. If Company is not paid in full, all warranties are void. The Company’s warranty is a non-transferable warranty and shall not be sold or assigned except upon express written approval of the Company, which may require additional consideration to be paid to the Company.

Our Financing

If, for some reason, your roof is not entirely covered by insurance our partners at GreenSky can help you with affordable financing for your roof or deductible cost.